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ۼ : 15-04-27 10:37
missed my t-shirt
 ۾ : Mohan
ȸ : 1,377  
Dear all,

It was a wonderful race to participate in Pohang marathon. Thanks for the organizing committee.

Here I am writing here to ask help, actually I missed my t-shirt (beach run) and my nike trouser in the toilet located at the back gate of the stadium.

If any one find it please inform me through 01086838373. I can collect it by sending money.

Thank you.
[ Խù Կ 2015-06-02 10:38:21 ȣȸҰ ̵ ]

15-05-06 09:36
Thank you for participating in pohang beach marathon.

Unfortunately, we not found your T-shirs.

If we will find your t-shirst, we contact your Mobile Phones.